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It's a brand new year, which also means it's a chance to start a brand new photo project. You could do the 365 Project, which requires you to take one photo a day. There are a ton of themed photo-a-day projects on ...
Here's a fun DIY activity to do while you're on your summer break!
Don't worry, you don't need experience in weaving to create this one-of-a-kind necklace. You'll only need a few things lying around in your room to finish this project!
Need something to make this summer? Here's a quick project you can work and surprise your friends with the next time you see them. ...
The best accessories are the ones that are one-of-a-kind. Create your own in just a few steps!
Paper is no longer just for writing. Make a necklace out of last year's gift wrapping paper, or pages from an old book. Create one for every outfit! ...
A Candy Girl sent us her very own DIY project and it's too cute not to share!
Resolution: Read more. Finish a book before the movie for it comes out!
Unleash the bookworm in you! Spend less time on tweeting and more time on reading books. Here's a clever way of making sure you hit a target number of words read before the year ends. ...
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Resolution: Don't miss an assignment. Work on projects and homework before they're due!
This year, make it easier to keep track of what's coming up and what's almost due. ...
Looking for ways to breathe new life into your worn and tattered footwear? Here's an easy DIY tutorial you can try this sem break!
Browsing through your shoe rack, you find a dull pair that you haven't used in a while. On the other side, you spot a mountain-high pile of old magazine issues. What to do? Instead of throwing them all out, make use of ...
We love the Glee star's personal art collaboration with her fans and we think you can do this with your friends, too!
We love how the Internet makes all things possible like this brand new site from Glee star Dianna Agron. We've been following her on Tumblr and she's been posting about her personal art project and asking her fans to contribute. Here at ...
These cute, colorful necklaces would make great Christmas gifts!
If you have left over buttons from doing this ring project, then string them onto chains along with a few other baubles to make these colorful necklaces!If you buy the materials in bulk, your P500 can go a long way. You can ...
Add flair to your school projects and discover the world through Google's tools.
Looking for a simple DIY project this holiday season? Check out how you can turn your earrings into ornaments in one simple step!
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