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Welcome to the IBTC.
Welcome to the IBTC a.k.a the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (yes, that is a real acronym and no, we did not just make that up right now). In case you haven't heard, small boobs are a blessing and no one knows this ...
You know you go through this every single time!
Having big boobs may seem like a blessing, but it can sometimes feel like a curse, too—especially when you want to shop till you drop. If you're a girl with big boobs, then you've probably gone to the dressing room with ten ...
We totally get how you feel, Candy Girls!
When you're a teenage girl, the struggle isn't only about getting zits the night before a major event or having "nothing to wear" for an important day. There are a ton of struggles that happen every day that sometimes, you just can't ...
Problems that are most likely smaller than your boobs.
You can probably count the things that are smaller than your boobs with one hand. But when you'retalking about #TheStruggles, you can most probably count them with two (or more!). This is for all thegirls who are out to prove that just ...
Because getting the perfect brows and cat eyes will always be a struggle.
I can still remember the day when I sneaked in to my mom's vanity to try on some lipstick. I could almost swear that they were glowing, no, sparkling—they were calling me. I took the brightest shade of red I could find, ...
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