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Katrina's dream of becoming a princess was fulfilled at her debut.
Princess-themed parties are popular among debutantes—we could totally understand why a debutante would want to be treated like royalty on her 18th birthday. Ever since she was young,Katrina had dreamt about having a princess-themed celebration, and she knew that the best time to do ...
Make sure to include these elements to achieve a princess perfect debut.
Princess-themed debuts have that sophisticated and feminine flair that let debutantes feel like real royalty. With its elegant details, it's no wonder that most debutantes opt to incorporate it in their debut. If you're pulling off a princess theme for your debut, here are five must-haves (and ...
Check out how this debutante showed grace under pressure!
For Erika, having a debut that falls within the rainy season is one major challenge. But luckily, she made it through the rain by keeping a sunny disposition. Can you say grace under pressure?Planning a unique princess-themed debut was not easy, but Erika managed to give her ...
Find out how rising acoustic star and debutante Yssa Alvarez planned a debut that was close to perfection.
Born from a well-known family in show business (actress Almira Muhlach is her mom and former PBA player Bong Alvarez is her dad), Yssa Alvarez is a star in the making. An actress, singer and dancer by heart, Yssa proved that she's more than a pretty face. ...
All you need is a big heart and a little bit of magic.
You may think it's just another live-action adaptation of a beloved fairytale, but trust us when we say that Walt Disney's Cinderella is more than that. Aside from the incredible actors who give life to these well-known children's characters, the story gave ...
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