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Check out this hour-by-hour guide so you can get to your party without hassle.
Finally, your most awaited day has arrived! You're just a few hours away from your debut partyand sure you'll be busy with all the preparations. But just before panic gets in the way, make sure you have a schedule to keep you from rushing ...
Before you hire a coordinator, know what you're getting into. Ask him/her these questions.
Planning a debut may seem overwhelming, and so some debutantes opt to hire a debut coordinator. The coordinator is tasked to make sure that everything goes according to plan. If you're thinking of booking a coordinator for your debut, remember to ask these questions. 1. What ...
Prepare with a backup plan—read these tips so you’ll know how to deal with mishaps.
As you plan your debut, you want everything to be smooth-sailing, starting from the preparations down to the end of your party. But honestly, there's no such thing as a perfect fete. Mishaps always happen and sometimes backup plans aren't enough. Check out ...
The Candy eds share how they prepare for finals when they were still in school.
How about you? How do you prepare for finals? ...
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