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We're joining in on the riddle guessing over at Pottermore. What about you?
Over at Pottermore Insider (you need to be a member to view the link), they've been dropping #PottermoreTricks leading up to Halloween. All signs seem to point to Professor Sybil Trelawney for this one! (We have to admit, a quick Google search ...
Read up on J.K. Rowling's latest short story and more from our sister sites on the Female Network.
 Moody. Love going matchy? Why not pair your lippie with your nails? There's one for every mood you can possibly be in! (via Braidy bunch. Don't know what to do with your mane? Why not cop the plaits of these celebrities for the perfect ...
Plus, the first House Cup has been awarded.
Potterheads were super excited when J.K. Rowling first announced the launch of Pottermore last year. And earlier this year, it was finally opened to the public. A few weeks ago, it was announced that the first House Cup would officially be awarded ...
Will we get to see the next book on the interactive site soon?
JK Rowling announces the launch of Pottermore, and Potterheads all over the world are rejoicing.
JK Rowling thanks the readers of her wildly popular books about The Boy Who Lived. In the same video, she announces the launch of Pottermore. After 13 years of the Harry Potter series, Pottermore promises to be "an online reading experience unlike ...
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