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BRB, copying all of these!
Posing for Instagram if you're a shy girl is difficult, but you can always count on different angles and elements to give you a double tap-worthy photo! If you need some inspo, head on over to Juliana Gomez's grid. Aside from her ...
For times you don't want to be ~seen~.
When you scroll through Pinay vlogger Angel Dei's Instagram feed, you'll notice that she mastered the art of posing. Whether she's clad in her many bikinis or posing with her cats, Angel really knows her *best* angles—even if her face isn't completely ...
We have five easy, laid-back poses that might help you get the shot.
TBH, plenty of guys can't help but feel a little uncomfortable when they're being photographed. Some guidance and a bit of pose suggestions will go along the way to make sure the pictures turn out great. So, if you are one of ...
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