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"It looks really dumb in real life, but when you get the photo, it's totally gonna be worth it."
If awkward is your middle name and posing for photos isn't your game, consider your life changed right this very moment because we found a video from one of our favorite fashion girls that has super effective tips on how to pose ...
They're inspired by our favorite movies, too!
We know you've been thinking about snapping a good photo with your babe this month, Candy Girls! Not only because you need a new one to use as phone wallpaper (heehee!), but also to have a memory of this year's Valentine's Day.To help you ...
Julia Barretto has been to many travel destinations, both in and out of the country. But no matter where she goes, Julia always manages to post a photo of her on her Instagram doing her signature pose. Whether she's sitting or standing ...
The model and Candy Cutie knows how to work it for the camera!
When we mention LA Aguinaldo's name, the first words that will probably pop in your minds will be Candy Cutie and model. That means he's expected to know how to work it in front of the cameras. But that wasn't always the case with this ...
When it comes to taking the best photos every time, it's best to take your cue from #CaKe!
When it comes to the catwalk and clothing line campaigns, Kendall Jenner and her bestie Cara Delevingne are definitely reigning supreme right now and with good reason. These two are absolute pros at looking like a million bucks with a simple tilt ...
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