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Nas Daily Issues Statement on Viral Wil Dasovich Blog
On July 15, Nuseir (Nas) Tassin aka Nas Daily released episode two of his recently-launched podcast, Nas Talks, called Philippines: The Country of Social Media, with his friend and fellow content creator Wil Dasovich.In the podcast, as the conversation progresses throughout the episode, the two seasoned hosts ...
Watch more of Paulina and Vico’s sibling banter here.
Before being the awesome Pasig City mayor who’s been making headlines left and right these days, Vico Sotto appears to be just like any other kuya we have (or wish we had!) when he spends time with his younger half-sister, Paulina Sotto ...
They talk about how the hierarchy in high school transitions even well into adulthood.
You probably know Winona Ryder as Will's mom on the Netflix original series Stranger Things. But one of her very first movies in the '80s was the dark comedy Heathers, where she plays Veronica, a regular high school teen who tries to fit in ...
Whether you're looking for a productive way to spend an hour or want to boost yourself out of inevitable summer boredom, these gems are perfect listens worth your phone's extra memory.
When you're bored out of your wits by your standard Spotify playlists or are suffering through hours of traffic on the road, there's nothing more entertaining than tuning into a podcast. There's a wealth of informative and interesting radio shows out there ...
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