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They chose to speak up despite naysayers and doubters.
Many claim that Filipinos have become more open-minded in 2022, but there’s no denying that plastic surgery is still a bit of a touchy subject. Given the stigma surrounding cosmetic enhancements, it’s no surprise that some celebrities and influencers opt to stay ...
She understands why her nose might look different to some people.
Former child actress Andrea Brillantes recently addressed "assumptions" that she's had plastic surgery, joking: "Hindi po ako retokada, pero thanks for thinking that. Ibig sabihin may maganda sa mukha ko para maisip niyo na retokada ako." Andrea, now 18, opened up about ...
How far are you willing to go for beauty?
If you've ever felt like you didn't like a certain part of your body—say, your nose or your eyelids—then welcome to what it's like to be human. It's completely normal to have insecurities about your face or your body. After all, who ...
Real teens reveal the truth about cosmetic surgery.
Ever since I was a kid, my relatives would always tease me because of my pango nose,” shares Danica*, 19. “I used to hold my nose up at night or place a clipper on it. I’d tell myself I’d look prettier if ...
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