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They're super easy to make!
If you like journaling, lettering, and basically anything that involves putting pen to paper, we're positive you'd be thrilled to know that we found a guide to make your journaling #goals happen. The Calligraphy Hub recently compiled different guides from Study Petals to make ...
No accessories? No problem!
In case the planner geeks in us haven't stressed it enough, planner accessories are life. They don't only serve a decorative purpose, they also, in one way or another, help keep you motivated to tick off all your to-dos on your ~*aesthetically ...
19 designs to choose from and they're all free!
Step up your planning/organizing game with stickers that are not only oh, so pretty, but free, too! Because what's a planner without stickers and colorful thingamajigs? Here, we chose 19 different sheets that go from minimalist to playful to classy. You're welcome. ...
These not-so important stuff are totally important!
Every planner nerd will probably agree that a planner is incomplete without its accessories. No matter how unimportant (we're looking at you, paper clip with a super big bow/pompom) the add-ons may seem, it adds to the beauty of the planner and the inspiration ...
A little bit of creativity can go a long way!
Planner geeks know how much inspiration one can get just by looking at weekly spreads. And how it's a whole 'nother level designing them! Whether you're a newbie to the art of laying out planner spreads or a pro who has been doing it for ...
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