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Now you can level up your chef skills, Ratatouille-style!
Calling all quarantine chefs! Put your newfound skills to the test and learn how to cook like a Pixar character with guidance from the famous studio itself. Taken from a new segment released on their YouTube channel three months ago dubbed Cooking ...
Don't forget the latest on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's awkward encounter, the 2017 Grammy nominees, Pixar's upcoming movie, Louis Tomlinson's solo career, and Harry Styles's movie!
Well it seems like no one can really escape their past... not even British hottie Tom Hiddleston who ran past a graffiti art of ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift while he was working out. And it even poked fun at their relationship, saying, "Oh, Tom... I ...
You must watch these animated shorts filled with cuteness and even more feels!
We're already enjoying the films Pixar releases, but before any movie, they let the viewers enjoy their animated shorts that actually deserve a movie of their own—or a compilation, at least. Here are some of those adorable animated shorts that draw their audience ...
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