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The more the merrier.
The new year can be the perfect time to finally step out of your comfort zone (figuratively for now, of course) and try something you've always wanted to but were too afraid to do so. It can be something as simple as ...
Yay for less healing time!
Hello there! We've covered ear piercings a lot on, from the prettiest combinations you can try to one that can *apparently* help with migraines. But today, we're here to discuss an option you can look into if you want faster healing ...
Learn how to do proper aftercare for your piercings here.
Consider your ear piercing as an open wound in your body. It's basically punctured skin with a foreign body stuck in it. We must take extra care of it. One wrong move may lead to infection and pain, which can cause the ...
It can actually *shatter* your cartilage.
It's offish: Getting multiple piercings is cool now—that second or third ear candy is practically a rite of passage for a lot of people. It's a sign that they are owning their bodies.There are two ways to get your ears pierced: Through ...
Tattoos and piercings: hot or not?
monday"It depends."Aaron, 20tuesday"Not!" Ron, 17tuesdaywednesday"I love tattoos and I think they're hot only if it has a meaning." Nick, 23wednesdaythursday"For me, it is not hot. It will just destroy your skin." Ken, 18thursdayfriday"HOT!"Eric, 22 friday ...
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