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Here's how you and your best friend can take the cutest snaps!
Feel like a selfie is no longer enough to capture the special bond you and your bestie have? We totally feel you, which is why we went ahead and scoured the web a.k.a. our fave, Instagram, and searched for the cutest bestie ...
When it comes to taking the best photos every time, it's best to take your cue from #CaKe!
When it comes to the catwalk and clothing line campaigns, Kendall Jenner and her bestie Cara Delevingne are definitely reigning supreme right now and with good reason. These two are absolute pros at looking like a million bucks with a simple tilt ...
Because yes, it is a big deal and no, it's not "just a profile picture."
In dire need of a profile picture change? The struggle of finding a worthy photo from your camera roll of 100+ selfies is too real! Want to change things up a bit? We’re here to show you pegs you can use for ...
Your favorite #selfie experts share their best tricks to getting the perfect photo!
Let's face it, getting the perfect #selfie shot is one of the hardest photos to get. Even after taking more than 50 pictures, it's possible to still not get The One you'll be proud enough to post or use as your profile ...
Time to put the stiff smile and formal pose to rest; you only get a couple of creative shots in your yearbook so make them count! Clueless on what do? Check out these different posts for your photo inspiration!
Be on your best behavior when posing for and taking pictures.
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