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Make your flat lay game strong with these tips!
Flat lay photos may look like they're all a bunch of items taken from an overhead camera angle aka bird's eye view, but the truth is, there are different styles you could experiment with to keep your photos interesting. Here are 10 ...
"It looks really dumb in real life, but when you get the photo, it's totally gonna be worth it."
If awkward is your middle name and posing for photos isn't your game, consider your life changed right this very moment because we found a video from one of our favorite fashion girls that has super effective tips on how to pose ...
These apps will guarantee you a boost of hearts!
If you want to up your Instagram game and you don't know which apps could make that happen for you, don't worry, Candy Girls—we got you! Famous for his Instagram account having 5.5m followers, YouTuber Connor Franta shares some of his tips and ...
Can we convert you into a tea lover?
Drinking tea is so much healthier than drinking coffee and it also has so many health benefits. Here are 5 types of tea you could drink if ever you have an upset stomach, flu, stuffed nose, fever, or even when you just ...
Here's how you can achieve your #InstaGoals.
When it comes to the wonderful world of Instagram, there's nothing quite like capturing the perfect photo to add to your carefully curated feed. And if you love taking photos of your cool finds, cute new purchase, or just anything and everything ...
Here's how you and your best friend can take the cutest snaps!
Feel like a selfie is no longer enough to capture the special bond you and your bestie have? We totally feel you, which is why we went ahead and scoured the web a.k.a. our fave, Instagram, and searched for the cutest bestie ...
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