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The iPhone XR is a lot cheaper now, too!
Following the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series, its predecessor, the iPhone 11, gets a massive price drop—so if you've been waiting to get your hands on the iPhone 11 (which is still pretty new, if you ask us), then ...
It's also half the price of the iPhone 11.
The all-new iPhone SE starts at just P26,490 in the Philippines (and can cost up to P36,490 if you opt for the 256GB model)—about half the price of the iPhone 11 when it was introduced. Apple's newest product is the latest iteration of the ...

These girls prove that whatever guys can do, girls can do just as well!

Kat Tan, 21DIRECTORThe Perks: What I like about being in this field is being able to inspire other girls that they can do the same thing and not be intimidated. It's not about physical strength, it's about being observant and having an ...
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