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It's too good that they should have their own version of the movie!
Here are some mind-boggling fan theories that'll make you not look at these movies the same way again! Tumblr user tomhiddles, theorized that Snape's rude words when he first met Harry holds a secret message. It's actually more than a rude teacher dealing ...
This debutante celebrated adulthood with a Neverland-themed debut.
Peter Pan's Neverland may be the place for an endless childhood, but the mythical place also inspired debutante Danelle's party for marking her adulthood.  For her 18th birthday celebration, Danelle showcased everything she loved about Neverland: fairies, magic, and of course, pixie dust! She made her dream happen, and it ...
Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith singing together (finally!), Candice Accola's beautiful honeymoon photos—plus updates on She & Him, Peter Pan Live!, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!
"Stay With Me" hitmaker Sam Smith surprised everyone at the Manchester Albert Hall (we're envious, huhu) recently when Ed Sheeran came out to sing the song with him. No. Big. Deal. Just the duet of our dreams happening, really. Somebody hold us ...
Emma Roberts's jewelry collection, Ed Sheeran's music video for "Thinking Out Loud"—plus updates on The Flash, Peter Pan Live!, and the #CandyFair2014!
Emma Roberts's photos from her Bauble Bar jewelry collection were released earlier today. The American Horror Story actress partnered with the jewelry brand and their Guest Bartender Program to come up with different pieces for the As Told By Emma Roberts collection. You ...
Watch Peter Pan on stage, go shopping, and learn the basics of makeup, modeling, and photography this weekend.
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