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"One of my fondest childhood memories was helping my mom cook our food when I was eight years old..."
Growing up, I came from a family of medical professionals and educators. My mom is a nurse by profession and my dad is a veterinarian. Life wasn't easy for them. Lumaki sa hirap ang mga magulang ko and I've learned from their ...
Passion isn't always as satisfying as purpose.
All our lives, we’re told to follow our passion, and purpose will follow. But according to the Harvard Business Review, this is not always the case.Professor Jon Jachimowicz of Harvard Business School advises the opposite: follow your purpose to ignite your passion. Jachimowicz ...
A new study backs it up.
For many people, it's important for them that the job they decide to pursue is something that matches their personal interests and passions. We often think that, as long as we're enjoying what we do, no hardship or challenge is too big ...
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What pays the bills may be different from what fuels the soul, and that's okay.
We’ve all heard of the famous adage, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” It may be applicable for some, but for others, it isn’t always the case. Don’t feel bad if your ...
Not just for Twilight fans but also makeup junkies, this Twilight inspired makeup collection is a true find!
Choose between the Luna Twilight collection or go a little dark and vampy with the Volturi Twilight series. ...
Whether you're on Team Edward or Team Jacob, there's something for you!
MAKE: Statement Tees WHAT: Tee-wilight Transfers WHY: You have been patiently waiting for November 20 (or 19, if you snagged premiere tickets in our promo) ever since you found out about New Moon. Why not go all the way by donning Team ...
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