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Take note for your next grocery run!
We don’t know about you, but we’ve been pretty obsessed with home organization content lately. You know those ~super satisfying~ fridge restock videos you see on YouTube and TikTok? Well, as it turns out, they can be pretty informative too. Exhibit A: Maris ...
Plus, science behind couples who look alike, Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia news, summer art workshop schedules, swimsuit posing 101, KonMari app, and make your own ice cream at home!
 "Magkamukha na kayo" explained. This is why couples start to look alike after a while. (via K-Adaptations. Pinay actresses who could play the leads in Pinoy versions of K-dramas. (via GabRu News. Ruru Madrid denies rumors he is "verbally abused" by Gabbi Garcia. (via Artsy Summer. ...
Learn what to keep and what to toss with our handy guide
In the past year, minimalism has been all the rage and we're not surprised to see this trend-turned-lifestyle soldier on to 2017. We've seen countless organizing hacks and most important of all—we learned about the KonMari method from The Life-Changing Magic of ...
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