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Ever heard of a course called BS Org?
Ever heard of a course called BS Org? Yes, we claim that it exists. Based on my intuition as a college student for two years, at least half of the college students are guilty of giving most of their time and effort ...
While there is still a long way to go, it’s become so much easier to find like-minded people who share the same cause.
True enough, 2020 is another year for us to break stereotypes for good. Slowly (ok, reeeaally slowly), gender roles are becoming a thing of the past, and rightfully so. As the world becomes more open, we’re more capable of changing the status ...
Tips about school, love, and life from someone who has experienced it all.
Dear Freshman Self,How are you? I bet you're having a great time. A few days out after graduation, and you've already taken the plunge and drastically changed your hair color. It feels liberating, doesn't it? To be free from the rules and ...
BS Org, anyone?
It's no secret that the org life is an avenue for students to practice what they've learned and apply it in the working environment they will eventually be in after they graduate. At the same time, your experience in the org also gives ...
Can you apply for them all?
Ahh, org week. Such an important time in a college student's life. You must choose wisely since you'll be spending a lot of your precious extracurricular hours with The Chosen One. While the list of organizations in your college might be quite ...
Make the most of your college life by joining the organization that matches your interest. And here's how!
College is quite different from high school. If you think your high school subjects were tough, think again. College means you'll have to study extra hard—sometimes spending sleepless nights finishing a paper and struggling to wake up for a final the next ...
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