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Okja will remind you of one important thing we might have already forgotten in this day and age.
There are movies that make you think and feel. Then there's Okja, Netflix's new movie directed by Bong Joon Ho (2013's Snowpiercer and 2006's The Host), that will make you question your place in the world and everything you know about it.At ...
Here are some things they want us to remember, Candy Girls.
The youth is, no doubt, the hope of the future. This is why we're happy that more and more teens are doing great things to have their voices heard, especially in these troubled times, and change the world little by little as a ...
Mark your calendars, K-Lovers!
It is no secret that we've been sooo obsessed with anything Korean these past few months. From dramas to beauty, name it, we've surely written about it on the website. Hee hee.So when we saw this amazing trailer for upcoming South Korean movie Okja ...
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