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The stars aligned and gifted us great music by Haim, LANY, Lana Del Rey, Oh Wonder, James Reid, and more artists.
Sophomore slump, what sophomore slump? It may have been four years since Haim's debut album, Days Are Gone, but their new album is definitely worth the wait. These rock stars bring back their banging sound, adding new tricks to their repertoire (follow ...
The music gods have blessed us with really Lorde, Halsey, LANY, Oh Wonder and more new newly released tunes to put on repeat all month long!good songs this month.
Lorde's latest masterpiece is worth every bit of the four-year wait since Pure Heroine came out. Our dear Ella has clearly grown up in the past few years, and it shows in the new characters and worlds that she weaves into her ...
Songs that say "I miss you" better than you can.
Feelings can be quite complicated but some days, they can be pretty simple as three words: I MISS YOU. Whether you're in a long distance relationship, or just simply having one of those weeks when you can't peel away from schoolwork to ...
Songs to listen to when you're waiting.
Hours and hours spent waiting—in traffic, in line, for your bae to pick you up. But that doesn't mean you need to sulk and pout because you're tired of waiting. We've put together a mix of songs we love to spin when ...
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