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Boost your productivity with these easy techniques.
Whether you aren’t recording your notes fast enough or having difficulty absorbing your lectures, note-taking is an essential skill in improving your efficiency. Not only can this skill help you do better on your exams, it's also a great confidence booster when ...
Don't blame us if you're still unproductive.
So you're the type to procrastinate, we understand. There are times we feel the same given that there are tons of things distracting us from actually finishing a task. "List it down," your brain says, and attempt to listen you will. You pull ...
All you need is MS Word.
If you find yourself constantly watching student YouTubers' study vlogs, you're not alone. There's something about seeing someone else be productive that makes you motivated to do the same, too. In most study vlogs, you'll often see these student content creators do school ...
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