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"Learn to be kinder."
Friendships and romantic relationships have unexpectedly bloomed for some of us for the past year, something to be thankful for amid this stressful online setup. As a college student, I’ve earned new friendships through my classes and organizations. I also learned how ...
In their own way, they still manage to be there for each other.
Getting into a serious romantic relationship is no joke. Maintaining one during a global crisis? Even tougher. I’ve tried the most popular way of finding a potential romantic interest at a time when we can’t rely on meet-cutes (falling in love at a ...
Online classes will be the "new normal," but not everyone has the luxury to simply adjust.
As universities prepare for a year of online classes (and explore possible hybrid setups wherein partial requirements are still fulfilled on-campus in compliance with social distancing guidelines), several campuses have already launched their online portals for upcoming digital courses. Students can already ...
You don't have to skip happy hour!
After more than three months of quarantine, some people probably miss spending Friday nights out and about in Poblacion or The Palace. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy quality cocktails at home. Proudly Promdi's crafted bottled cocktail is what you need for your ...
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The Department of Tourism released the guidelines for accredited restaurants.
With restaurants slowly being allowed to open, you’re probably wondering what dining in the new normal will be like. On June 9, the Department of Tourism released a set of guidelines for Department of Tourism (DOT)-accredited restaurants and restaurants in DOT-accredited accommodation ...
Candy hangs out with Harry Shum, Jr. fresh off the plane.
Check out three of our twelve crushes in 2008: Robi, Marvin, and Aki!
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