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They got to learn about each other's cultures and languages, too!
The Thai series Girl From Nowhere has been such a hit on Netflix. Since Season 2 came out, the show is constantly on the Top 10 most watched content on the streaming platform. The show is headlined by Thai actress Kitty Chicha Amatayakul, who ...
From deeply personal meanings to fan tributes.
Getting a design permanently inked on your skin is a major decision to make, so many people naturally resort to getting tattoos with personal and meaningful stories behind them. And our favorite K-pop idols are no different.The youngest member of BTS has quite the collection ...
Spice up your instant ramen! We try recipes by various K-pop idols to see the many different ways we can spice up this snack.
If there's anything that we're sure to have in common with K-pop idols, it's our love for instant ramen. Whether it comes in a pack or in a cup, our pantries are always stocked up with our favorite noodles. It's handy for mornings ...
We love to see it when our faves share precious moments together.
Interactions among K-pop idols seem quite rare, especially if they belong to different entertainment agencies. They may be in competition on the charts, but in real life, some of your favorite K-pop artists are actually good friends. Fans, especially multi-stans, love to see it ...
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