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No rush!
Finding meaningful relationships in life is important, but some people just choose not to rush the process, and that's totally fine. While some people may think that your worth as a person is reflected in romantic relationships, these celebrities are proof that that ...
You don’t need someone to “save” or “complete” you.
Have you lived your whole life as an NBSB and have zero experience with relationships? Getting into one is a serious commitment—you’re no longer just dealing with your own feelings. How would you know if you’re ready for it? These things might ...
During our short time talking with our Candy Cuties last year, we asked them a few questions about guys and dating. And today, we're sharing with you v v important advice we got from them! We asked these two Cuties about what they'd tell a friend ...
There are days when I do regret my choices in the past.
I have jumped off waterfalls in a remote cave. I have danced all night beneath the stars fueled only by adrenaline. I have swum alone in pools waiting for the morning mist to clear. Yet I've never fallen in love, never known ...
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 NBSB. No boyfriend since birth? Who says you need a boyfriend? Sometimes, it's really not that big of a deal. (via Cherry bombré. Want to try a new hair hue to welcome the New Year but aren't committed enough to bleach your hair? Good ...
Dear future boyfriend, you might want to take notes.
Are you starting to fall in love with a girl who has never been in a relationship? Well, let me tell you now that there will be certain precautions to dating the girl who's never dated. Like ever. She's been single forever,  so ...
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