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Planning to travel alone? It might be a bit overwhelming if it’s your first time, but the experience can be very rewarding! In case you’re having doubts about booking that solo trip, you might want to scroll through Julia Barretto’s travel photos ...
Be prepared.
Communities living near Taal Volcano should watch out for more possible expulsions from the crater, Phivolcs said Thursday after the volcano belched steam and magma.Taal Volcano was placed under Alert Level 3 indicating magmatic unrest on Thursday, one notch higher from Level ...
Siklo Pilipinas was born out of this couple's backpacking hobby and their love for the environment.
A couple’s island backpacking hobby has led them to create Siklo Pilipinas, a waterproof bag brand that advocates for an eco-ethical lifestyle.Siklo Pilipinas was first created because owners Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion, who frequently went on island adventures, were concerned about how ...
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We are taught in school to save Mother Earth but in reality, we don't know how.
Stop what you're doing and think about your life. Is it comfortable or happy or sad? Are you drowning in a pile of homework that you should be doing at this very moment? I am writing this essay a day after a three-day ...
Meet Hello Kitty and her friends online!
Do you love online games? Are you in love with everything that's Sanrio? The wait is over, Hello Kitty Fans! Hello Kitty Online is finally here in the Philippines! Go on an adventure with Hello Kitty and the rest of the Sanrio ...
Here's what went on behind the camera at our cover shoot.
MTV VJ Andi Manzano is on the cover of this month's issue!

These girls prove that whatever guys can do, girls can do just as well!

Kat Tan, 21DIRECTORThe Perks: What I like about being in this field is being able to inspire other girls that they can do the same thing and not be intimidated. It's not about physical strength, it's about being observant and having an ...
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