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They take acads seriously, too.
It takes a different kind of know-how to excel in skill-based professions like those in the entertainment industry. But despite that, there are still famous stars who manage to excel in school, even in the local showbiz scene. Below, we list down ...
Which love team from PBB Teens is your favorite?
After conducting its online auditions, the phenomenal Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition is set to go back on air this year. Thousands of hopefuls have sent in their one-minute video clips and it's up to the judges to know who deserves a ...
This week's roundup of celebritweets start off with fashion, new looks, and good times with old school buddies.
We get a sneak peek at UP's fashion scene with Myrtle Gail Sarrosa in one of the designs, get to know her more as she talks about fashion and boys here!At the fashion show kanina at UP. Thanks to maraxchua for my ...
Get to know Myrtle's must-have accessory, how she deals with breakups, her first date outfit, and advice on how to find your true style!
The actress and cosplay lover shares with us her style and love for everything fashion in this quick chat.
Myrtle Sarrosa has made a name for herself as an actress, singer, and ultimate cosplay lover, but not many know about her love for fashion. Last month in her Days of Style feature, we got to see Myrtle try out different styles ...
It's a new year and Myrtle wants to change up her look and her whole take on fashion. Check out the actress and cosplay lovers' brand new style every day for the entire month of January!
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