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Plus, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford talk about the recent development for their much-talked about series.
After all the talk about Hannah Baker being in the rumored second season of Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, executive producer Selena Gomez sets the record straight and posts a promo to confirm season 2 of the controversial series on her Instagram ...
So proud of these amazing human beings!
Since we finished binge-watching Netflix's Thirteen Reasons Why, we've been wanting to see more of the amazing cast everywhere online! The show has reminded us and got us talking about a lot of important things, so it's really priceless to listen to ...
BRB, fixing our hair rn.
Half the fun of watching awards shows is ogling all the gorgeous dolled-up celebrities working the red carpet. At this year's MTV Movie Awards, the supermodel squad of Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner reunited and killed it in the beauty ...
Don't miss today's updates on Selena Gomez's concert in Manila, Janella Salvador's debut, Emma Watson on technology, Kylie Jenner's lip gloss, and the MTV Movie Awards!
This is not a drill, Candy Girls! Selena Gomez is finally coming to Manila! We were a bit hesitant at first when it was announced, but when we saw a post from SM Tickets that it's not an April Fools' Day prank, we started doing a ...
Don't miss the latest on Beauty and the Beast, Bella Thorne's upcoming TV series, the #BestBeautiful campaign, Ryn Weaver's new song, and the trailers for Tomorrowland and Ant Man!
Magneto (or Gandalf, you decide) is joining the cast of the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Well not exactly Magneto, but the actor Sir Ian McKellen is. Ahh, isn't this so exciting? The X-Men movies actor is joining Emma ...
Make sure you don't miss these hilarious and heartwarming moments from this year's show, Candy Girls!
This year's MTV Movie Awards happened in Los Angeles earlier. If you weren't able to watch the show or you just want to relive the best moments, check out the best ones we think you should never, ever miss. 1  Shailene Woodley received a ...
Your favorite stars came out to celebrate this fun awards show in style!
Every year we look forward to the MTV Movie Awards because it's one of the really fun awards show with lots of memorable moments and cool fashion. This year's show did not disappoint, especially on the style front. Lots of your favorite ...
Prankster Cara and Nat look really cute, trust us.
Well, they're not really wearing ninja costumes, but Margo (Cara Delevingne) and (Nat Wolff) might as well be called ninjas for attempting to give Chuck (RJ Shearer) an eyebrow makeover in his sleep. Watch what happens in this new clip from the movie adaptation ...
Read the latest on Liam Payne's sweet tweet, Eleanor Calder's first photos after the breakup rumors came out, a Taylor Swift x Ellie Goulding mashup you need to hear today, Shailene Woodley's new award, and Selena Gomez going country!
Looks like the Liam Payne-Sophia Smith ship is doing awesome. By now, we all know that the Eleanor Calder-Louis Tomlinson and Perrie Edwards-Zayn Malik ships are in trouble. However, Liam tweeted earlier about how much he's missing the girlfriend. Aww! #StayStrong, Liam ...
Attention, profesh fangirls, you need to fulfill another duty.
You guys, you guys! We told you that you all should vote for your favorites for this year's Candy Readers' Choice Awards. But fangirl duties don't stop there.via rainovermyhead.tumblr.comSee, even Eddie Redmayne knows how we feel about being a profesh fangirl? LOL. ...
How to remember your password like Andrew Garfield, how to score a kiss with Zac Efron, and more.
It pays to watch the red carpet pre-show. Ohaiii, The Fault in Our Stars teaser! Ohaiii, cigarette metaphor! Ohaiii, Ansel!via carolinewhitee.tumblr.comPuppy cams are way better than mani cams.via mtv.tumblr.comDon't tell Conan O'Brien what he can and cannot do. Dare him to get ...
In need of eye candy? Your wish is our command.
Is it bad that we're still not over yesterday's MTV Movie Awards? We just can't help it. Many of our fave celebrity cuties attended the event, and we've been scouring the Interwebs for GIFs, clips, photos, and whatever our eyes can feast on. ...
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