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Srsly, we can listen to them talk all day.
If you are familiar with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) announcement on television and cinemas, or if you've seen THAT viral post of Inka Magnaye, we’re sure you already know the voice behind that iconic PSA.Her name is Neneng Magnaye Arceo, and ...
Here's what we know so far.
The Philippines' censors board, MTRCB, told lawmakers Thursday that streaming services such as Netflix need to be regulated, to ensure that it complies with the law. It comes after efforts in Congress to tax the internet giant, alongside similar platforms such as ...
Don't miss the latest news on a Filipino child actor landing a Disney film, Charlie Puth's newly released music video and Bruno Mars's Adele cover, Emma Watson hiding books in underground subways, Zayn Malik's on why he left 1D, and MTRCB calls for a conference with the creators of Till I Met You.
After news of Rowan Blanchard joining the cast of A Wrinkle in Time, a Filipino child actor also landed a role in the same Disney film! Congratulations to Deric McCabe, who will be playing Charles, the brilliant younger brother of Meg Murry. Deric's ...
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