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Here's what to watch on Netflix while we patiently wait for "Crazy Rich Asians 2."
More than two years have passed but we're still not over Crazy Rich Asians. Now we all know we're getting the entirety of Kevin Kwan's beloved trilogy in movie form, but the knowledge of when their coming out is still up in ...
Blake Lively’s new movie, the Ghostbusters remake, the Star Trek sequel, and more!
Scrat, the loveable squirrel who inadvertently caused the supercontinent Pangaea to break up, strikes again, setting off a series of events that drive the Herd to search for a new home. The new voice cast includes Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine, The Big ...
“Letting go doesn't always have to mean bidding a sad farewell to what could have been—sometimes it's just being brave enough to allow yourself a new beginning.”
When we were young we've been taught that with the right amount of patience, practice, and hard work, we can achieve anything our bright young minds can ever dream of. As we grow older however, we realize that there are a lot ...
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