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We're sure there's a perfect playlist even for the most mundane activity in your life.
There are a lot of Spotify playlists available right now. But there are just some activities in every college girl's life that we think deserve a playlist of their own. Whether you're motivating yourself to finish your workout, or simply chilling, we're ...
Start pinning, Candy Girls!
Are you always looking for new ways to rearrange your room? Sometimes, little tweaks make us feel like it's a brand new bedroom without really doing a major makeover. We've put together a list of Pinterest boards we think you should follow ...
Find out what nail colors and trends you should be sporting on your tips!
When it comes to expressing your mood, you can always count on fashion as your personal outlet to tell the world what you're feeling and thinking. But have you ever thought about letting your tips do the talking? Yep, your pretty nails ...
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