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Be more smart with your finances and take your cue from these celebs!
With how uncertain our economy has been due to the pandemic, it’s high-time we take a good look at our money and how we’re spending it. Sure, the world of finance may be an intimidating terrain to navigate with all the technical ...
"Putting money above everything else."
As I was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook on a rather uneventful Tuesday afternoon, I came across this quote: “This adulting thing is hard. One minute you’re rich, the next thing you know you’re a mathematician.” I laughed. Let me tell you: truer ...
Here are a few things we learned.
Entering your twenties means assuming all sorts of responsibilities, one of which is financial independence. When you start to make money for yourself, it can feel exciting to be able to decide where your money goes and what you spend on using it. While ...
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