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Here's what you need to know about it.
It wasn't long ago when the mobile app Lyka started trending among local celebrities and avid social media users. With the app's many perks (earn gems on the app which you can later on use to purchase various goods from affiliate establishments—social ...
Ready to start your vlogging journey?
Since the pandemic forced people to stay at home, many finally found the time to pursue their passion for content creation, particularly making videos. With the continuously developing technology, lots of aspiring content creators these days start out with filming--and even editing!--by simply using ...
A lot of them are apps we haven't heard of before.
Have you ever wondered what kind of apps your favorite influencers have on their devices? TBH, same. As someone whose work relies heavily on mobile devices, influencers' phones are a treasure trove of interesting and useful applications. Thankfully, lifestyle blogger David Guison generously ...
Enter Co-Star, one of the many astrology apps that sprouted at the sudden interest of the new generation in astrology.
Before, we only ever mention our zodiac signs when we’re filling out our grade school friends’ slambooks. Now, though, the entire world wide web has taken particular interest in astrology and what they say about our personalities, down to the point where ...
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