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Sail through your next public elocution by following these simple dos and don'ts.
Speaking in front of a large group of people can be mortifying—this is why public speaking is considered an art form, reserved for would-be politicians or celebrities. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to recite Hamlet's speech in ...
Initial impressions last, so make sure you're gold from the get-go!
The first day of school is a chance to start anew—it's almost like being reborn. Make it count by being the best person you can be. Be friendly, know when to hold back, and always mind your manners!Introducing YourselfDODON'TFinding a SeatDODON'TMaking an ...
Teach your animal companion proper manners and for sure you'll be welcome everywhere!
Frisky and enthusiastic pets can be totally adorable—if they’re yours. But not all human beings are wired to love our four-legged friends. So when outdoors or at the mall, always be mindful of your pet—especially if you don’t want people to shoot ...
Be a VIP in every store with impeccable shopping etiquette.
Hit the shops with a mission in mind, but with your manners intact, and you'll surely be every store's favorite customer! ...
Brush up on your sunny day etiquette.
The hot months signal the start of carefree play and light romance, hence the myriad plans to head off into the surf or hang by the pool with friends. Don't muck up fun times by acting like a monkey. Yes, it's time ...
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