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These colleges can provide the training and education you need to pursue your dream career.
Trying to find the best course for you can be an overwhelming experience due to the sheer amount of possible options you can take. At the same time, having a wide variety of options to choose from allows students to explore new interests and ...
It's one of the country's best training grounds for aspiring creatives.
The Meridian International College (MINT College) is a private educational institution known for its modern approach to Philippine education. Because this college strays away from traditional forms of teaching, it's one of the country's best training grounds for aspiring artists and creative ...
From musicians to models.
MINT College is a private institution that specializes in business and arts, which is why it's the college of choice for those aspiring to pursue a career in the creative industry, particularly music. From musicians to models, we round up six personalities who ...
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