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You can keep your drinks ice cold for as low as P650!
We know it's been terribly hot this summer. So, if you're going to keep hydrated and cool this summer, you have to have cold drinks close at hand.We found these small refrigerators that fit snugly on your desk or even in your ...
No more sneaking down to the kitchen late at night!
( Summer is here and the weather in Manila is blazing to say the least. You may find yourself checking the fridge more often than usual to hunt for refreshing beverages and snacks throughout the day. In case the constant trips to ...
It comes in the cutest pastel colors!
While we all dream of sprawling kitchen setups with every appliance and tool known to man available right there on our marble countertops, that may require a few years' worth of saving. But hey, just because you've got a tiny kitchen counter, ...
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