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So we're giving you choices: be a couch potato, get up and dance, or get fit and run. You can choose one or do all three. Totally up to you!
The Fil-Canadian actress dropped by Manila before her Palawan holiday. Watch our exclusive video that we shot especially for you!
If you follow Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell on Twitter and Tumblr, you probably noticed that she was in the country for a couple of days before Christmas. We were lucky enough to get some one-on-one (more like six-on-one, haha) time ...
The girls from Rosewood return this week. Weigh in on the mid-season premiere in our poll!
After a long break, PLL is back with all-new twists.'s TV columnist word vomits about the mid-season premiere.
Disclaimer: This is neither a recap nor a review. I just live-blogged everything that popped into my head, minus the live part.Catch the return of Pretty Little Liars on ETC this Saturday, January 12 at 8pm. ...
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