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The goal is to teach SHS grads important skills that will increase their employability.
Living in the digital era means learning to be more savvy with online platforms, especially since education and professional work have started to transition to online methods. Internet-savvy skills and digital know-how are now essential if you wish to advance your career in the digital ...
It's officially retiring in 2022.
If you've been around the Internet long enough, you'll be familiar with the once-popular web browser Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Microsoft announced on May 19 that they are officially retiring IE.By June 15, 2022, the desktop application of the web browser will no ...
Users will have a say in what gets selected as the official new default font.
You may not notice it, but default fonts have a lot more impact on users than you might think, and Microsoft is making a crucial change to theirs. On April 28, the tech giant announced that, after 14 years, they will now be replacing ...
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