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For days when you need an instant outfit inspo that's still campus-appropriate.
Starting college in a school without uniforms means you're faced with the struggle of putting together outfits for school five days a week. (A tall order coming from not having to take a second look at your wardrobe all those years you ...
Just in case you needed more proof that borrowing from the boys is A-okay!
From Candy cutie to Candy Fair 2015 host, and now Candy Magazine's July cover boy LA Aguinaldo, is one of the top male models of today's time. He's got a smile you can't help, but love, a quirky personality that's totally adorable, ...
And how would you style them?
What about you? Leave us a comment or tweet us @candymagdotcom! ...
These 4 stylish bloggers show off their boyish side in their own menswear-inspired outfits with tips on how you can pull the looks off yourself!
Add a little masculinity to your wardrobe by trying out this cool combo!
Nothing says boyish quite like pairing a vest with a pair of pants. And what better way to start adding a little menswear into your closet by sporting the classic yet laid back combination. Vests are considered must-haves for every girl since ...
The Capricious Club blogger shows her menswear-inspired outfits and shares some tips on how you can pull off wearing guy clothes, too!
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What kind of menswear would you actually wear?
The Candy Eds spill their menswear favorites. How about you? What kind of menswear would you actually wear? ...
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