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Here's everything you need to know about using cloth pads.
As more and more people learned about eco-friendly living, the feminine hygiene market saw an increased demand for sustainable menstrual products. Menstrual cups, period panties, biodegradable pads—you’ve probably heard of these green alternatives countless times before. But one hidden gem that people ...
This transition period to young adulthood may feel overwhelming, so here's a cheat sheet to help you out.
Because each body has its own timeline, some girls feel unprepared when they experience their first menstrual flow. Also called menarche, your first menstrual period is caused by an increase in hormone levels that thicken your uterus lining. Your body eventually breaks ...
Here are actual product reviews from fellow ladies!
As more consumers learn to be environmentally conscious with their purchases, sustainable products also steadily grow in popularity. For instance, the feminine hygiene market now offers eco-friendly alternatives to your typical sanitary napkins and tampons. We’re definitely thankful for these products, but the ...
Should you make the switch, too?
For years I have been on the fence about participating in one of the most talked-about sustainable switches for women – menstrual cups. And although I am passionate about the environment, an advocate who willingly and enthusiastically tries different alternatives to curate a greener ...
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