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Each box has 6 pieces, so you're only paying P55 for each!
Are you getting tired of the usual ice cream that s available in your go-to supermarket? Why not expand your ice cream rotation and try ice cream from Japan (and possibly fill the void left by our unused passports, too)? You can ...
Bigger is definitely better.
Japan is home to a couple of famous chocolate brands, one of which is Meiji Apollo. The mountain-shaped strawberry-chocolate candy is a favorite among folks of all ages—so much so, in fact, that you can find other spinoff desserts like Apollo-inspired milk ...
This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day—and if you're a big fan of the Mt. Fuji-shaped Japanese candy, you're ...
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