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His only Aprobado grade is for the subject 'General Pathology, its Clinic, and Pathologic Histology.'
One of the highly regarded medical schools in the country is University of Santo Tomas. Considered as one of the top performing local educational institutions in medicine, UST has produced countless medical professionals. And among the list of doctors who built their ...
Plus, tips that personally helped her pull through.
Remember that scene in Pitch Perfect 2 where Amy confronts Beca about her secret internship at a record label, and Beca opens up to Amy about the harsh reality check from the internship, saying, "It turns out, like, I'm totally not good enough to be a music ...
YouTube has plenty of local content creators that make videos all about med school life.
Nowadays, YouTube is becoming everyone's go-to app for when they want to know more about a particular thing, whether it's something as simple as a skincare product or something more major, like a career they want to pursue post-graduation.Choosing a future profession can be ...
"One of my fondest childhood memories was helping my mom cook our food when I was eight years old..."
Growing up, I came from a family of medical professionals and educators. My mom is a nurse by profession and my dad is a veterinarian. Life wasn't easy for them. Lumaki sa hirap ang mga magulang ko and I've learned from their ...
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