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He's handling the crisis with just the right mix of efficiency and humor.
The past year saw the best and the worst in how government officials handle a national crisis like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While some drew flak for not doing anything at all or for dealing with the situation with an iron fist, ...
From Film to Psychology.
Have you ever been curious about the courses our public officials took in college? College courses aren’t always the best indication of what career path you can take after graduation, and these mayors are proof. In case you’re curious, here are the ...
Watch more of Paulina and Vico’s sibling banter here.
Before being the awesome Pasig City mayor who’s been making headlines left and right these days, Vico Sotto appears to be just like any other kuya we have (or wish we had!) when he spends time with his younger half-sister, Paulina Sotto ...
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