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Are you doing any of these?
It's not unusual to find ourselves demotivated during trying times. Nothing seems to be within our control anymore and it puts a strain on our overall well-being. As we try to keep ourselves in check, we engage in various coping methods. We might ...
It's all about respecting boundaries, tbh.
Have you ever had a really bad day, only to have your tears of frustration finally get triggered by something relatively small like tripping on your own two feet, or spilling food on your shirt? Don't worry, it happens to the rest ...
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The Ultimate Prom Primer to getting the perfect prom pic!
Four looks, four styles, four beauties—let one work for you!
Hair: If you're wearing a pretty off-shoulder gown, an upswept `do will complement your look—amd emphasize those sexy shoulders.Makeup: Brighten up those almond-shaped eyes with pastel shimmer and load up on lengthening mascara. On your cheeks, opt for a more neutral shade ...
Go behind the scenes at the prom cover shoot with Andrea Torres.

"What was the best Christmas gift you ever received?"

The Candy eds share what the best gift Christmas gift that they've ever gotten is! What about yours? I love it when the gift has special meaning, like when my guy gave me an antique-style globe ‘cause he knows how much I ...
Caught in a love triangle? The boys of OPM band Callalily share their advice.
I've liked this guy for the longest time—he's my first love. However, my family and friends don't approve of him. They think he's only out to break my heart. There's another guy—a good friend of mine—who cares for me and treats me ...
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