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"What is love?"
Some of us, or perhaps most of us, learned a thing or two about love through telenovelas and romantic comedy films. Romance in the movies have made us understand the joy and pain of love through its on screen couples and these ...
We look back on all the BBs we were crazy about a decade ago!
When BuzzFeed came out with this article describing what life was like in 2006 (10 years ago!) and we saw a few of Candy's pages on the list, we decided to revisit our old issues and show you more of that decade—the ...
An update about Kimerald's relationship, Elmo's new sitcom, and more in this week's Pinoy teen showbiz news roundup.
♥ There have been rumors that Kim Chiu tried to commit suicide due to her alleged breakup with onscreen partner, Gerald Anderson. A source tells that they are going through “rough times.” Do you think Kim is capable of doing such ...
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