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He denies rumors of being a bad influence
Because of the ongoing disagreement between Janella Salvador and her mom Jenine Desiderio, it's inevitable for Elmo Magalona's name to be involved. But his name got into the mix because people on social media blame him for influencing Janella to be disobedient against her ...
No filter at its craziest.
Harley Quinn is easily the best thing about Suicide Squad, DC's latest superhero spectacle starring a band of baddies forced to do what good guys do. Since they're not your typical heroes, they're all wild cards, but no one is as unpredictable ...
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 Short lashes SOS. Got short lashes? Then you must learn these 7 mascara tricks now! (via Reid alert! Can't get over how incredibly good-looking our October cover guy looks on the mag? Well, we're here to make your day. Check out James Reid in ...
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