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These Candy Cuties look so much different back then.
Remember when we rounded up the 23 celebrities you probably forgot were Candy Cuties? Well, here's something that will make your day. We went through our old videos in YouTube and found their old videos from when they were still starting out ...
Your favorite celebs share their best advice!
Every teen experiences self-doubt and feeling insecure, and it's practically a pre­requisite for growing up. But hopefully, with the help of of Patricia Prieto, Verniece Enciso, Alyssa Valdez, Maris Racal, and Manolo Pedrosa, you'll understand why it's more than okay and learn how to ...
More movies to watch this year for you, Candy Girls!
We've already given you 52 movies to watch this year. Now, we're giving you 8 more just because it's always a great time to watch movies. Have fun marking your calendars, Candy Girls, but remember that premiere dates may change without prior ...
Andrew Garfield's beard, Ed Sheeran sings Stevie Wonder—plus updates on Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Racal, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, and probably one of the best wedding proposals we've watched.
Of course a beard makes headlines because it belongs to Andrew Garfield. Yup, in case you haven't noticed, the star of The Amazing Spider-Man has been growing his facial hair both for a movie role and, well, probably because he likes it. ...
These stars are going to make headlines in 2015, so better make sure you know them now.
Nadine Lustre. Our December-January cover girl broke through 2014 with two hit movies, a lot of endorsements, and a weekly month-long series to her name. We can only imagine her 2015 to be even bigger than that!Ellar Coltrane. After his stint in ...
His chosen PBB moment is cray!
Candy Cutie and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Manolo Pedrosa spills what his most memorable experience on the show was and more when we got to chat with him for a bit during the #CandyFair2014. Hit the play button to watch the ...
Wondering which of your fave celebs' tweets were popular this year? Here's a list you should read!
This year has been a colorful one for our teen celebrities. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, they have kept us updated on what they're working on or let us in a little on their thoughts. To round up what went on ...
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 Smooth skin. Who knew rice could give you soft, supple skin? Yup, believe it. You'll need just a cup of jasmine rice, distilled water, and a clean jar for this DIY beauty trick! (via Instant tinted moisturizer. Want your base to look lighter than usual? ...
From the awesome booths and the cutest guys manning them to the fantastic opening by the Candy Armada and Enrique Gil's jaw-dropping performance onstage, there was definitely something for every Candy Girl at the fair!
We can't believe it's been 10 days since the #CandyFair2014, can you? And because we already miss it, we thought we'd whip out the Top 10 moments that happened at the Metrowalk Tent last September 27. Are you ready for this?What about ...
Find out what went down during #TeenWeekPH2014 and check out all the celebrities who go to take part on all the fun!
The Teen Week PH 2014 launch was one night to remember. Developed for teens and by teens, Teen Week PH aims to shape future ready Pinoy teens. Celebrities Nicole Anderson and Slater Younghosted the event with as much enthusiasm and energy as the teens that were ...
Missed out on the biggest teen event of the year? We'll be uploading all the important highlights in the coming days here, so make sure you to keep checking!
Were you at the Metrowalk Tent yesterday? If you were stuck at home, or had somewhere else to be, don't worry! We've got all the important highlights and you'll be sure to find them here in the coming days. In the meantime, ...
Yep, that was the Candy Cutie on Pinoy Big Brother: All In!
Thought that Manolo guy on the Pinoy Big Brother: All In premiere last Sunday looked familiar? The Candy team was just as surprised to see the 16-year-old Candy Cutie enter the house, along with fellow Candy Cutie Axel Torres! We shot Manolo ...