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Rain or shine, keep your beauty game on-point.
Just three months of having fun under the sun and we're back to the gloomy but always breezy rainy season. The switch from summer to the rainy season is always tricky because that means you'd have to swap your beauty products—from skin ...
Ready your summer beauty kits for one last hurrah!
The summer season isn't just the best time to take a break from school, it's the best time to go out on a crazy adventure not just for your trips and vacations with your barkada, but also when it comes to your ...
From skin care to makeup, we've got you covered.
We've all readied ourselves for the upcoming summer season, but no one prepared themselves for this unbelievable summer heat wave! Surprisingly, deciding between rocking a bold, orange lip for the summer or to highlight your strong eyes isn't the big challenge. Instead, ...
Summer-proof your makeup loot, too!
It may not be summer vacay for some college girls yet, but there's no denying that the sun is out and the summer season has officially started. And you know what that means, Candy Girls. It's time to switch up not just ...
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