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Let's go back to the basics!
With almost all the beauty brands taking Kylie J.'s lead with her now iconic lip kits, we know how tempting it is to splurge your one month's worth of allowance on different shades of lippies—from edgy purples to chic nudes. But while ...
Citrus fragrance, anyone?
2017 is finally upon us and you know what that means, Candy Girls! It's time to bring out the bigger, better, and bolder version of yourself starting by taking your beauty game to the next level! And what better way is there ...
Magnetic eye shadow, anyone?
If there is any month that shouts fun and festive like no other, that has got to be the month of December. So up the ante of your beauty game this month and make sure to load up on equally fun and ...
These are the beauty goodies you need this month!
If the stock market is always buzzing with numbers, graphs, and charts, the beauty department is busy researching and rolling out beauty goodies that aren't just pretty to look at, but promise to work wonders for one's beauty looks, too! Read on ...
Stuff your makeup stash with this month's beauty must-haves!
If September is known for the start of the much awaited "-Ber" months, then October is popular for being Chanel Oberlin's favorite month a.k.a. Halloween month. Live up to the fun and spook of Hallowmas with beauty items that are as fun, ...
Wine mascara, anyone?
There are a lot of traditions, habits, and even mannerisms that are strictly Pinoy, and one of which is celebrating the Holidays as early as September as soon as the "-Ber" months kick in. Match the lively celebration of the Filipinos with ...
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