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Prices start at just P175!
Vice Cosmetics just launched something exciting! The local beauty brand just released four complexion brushes: a blush brush, contour brush, a highlighter brush, and a powder brush. Look how cute they are:The brand has been hinting about the release of the brushes, ...
BRB! Washing our brushes now!
When it comes to playing with makeup, we always say "Ignore the rules and just have fun!" because makeup should be all about that right? Fun? While we hate to box anyone with beauty dos and don'ts, there are a few rules ...
Are your brushes still doing you good?
Thanks to the always innovative beauty department, there are so many tools that are popping out from left to right that promise to help you apply your makeup with total ease. While we love our sponges and our trusty fingers, you have ...
Find out exactly how you can keep your makeup brushes spick and span!
Everyone knows that the first, and most important beauty commandment is to wash one's makeup off before dozing off. While there are a lot of do's and don'ts in creating strong beauty looks, and achieving great skin, everyone knows that washing one's ...
Wash that makeup residue away.
Putting on makeup is fun. Washing your makeup brushes on the other hand? Not so much. But washing your makeup brushes is necessary in order to avoid any skin irritation caused by the bacteria accumulated on your brushes! There are a lot ...
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